Baking soda not working for you? Go herbal!

I’ve been using the no poo method since June of this year. It’s been a very arduous journey to say the least, but I finally found a fantastic method that I want to share with you all.

First I tried baking soda and ACV, which I thought was the “gold standard” and soon learned was far from it. It left my hair very dry and tangly, and it didn’t even give me two days of clean hair. Next I tried egg yolks, which were a fantastic shampoo/conditioner. The problem there is that they should not be used as long term cleaners since your hair should not have that much protein consistently. I definitely recommend egg yolks as a once-in-a-while kind of thing for hair strength and conditioning.

Finally a few weeks ago I was searching online for a better way and I found this gem.

You mix yucca root powder, fenugreek powder, and amla berry powder and add hot water. That’s it! It’s so easy and it leaves beautiful results. The day that I wash my hair, it looks and feels so healthy. But that’s not the best part. For anyone who finds their hair looking dirty on the second day still, please try this! With the help of a little dry shampoo (cocoa powder or baby powder) I can go four days or more without washing my hair.

The only problem with this mixture is that although it does wash out well, you might notice traces of powder in my hair when you get out of the shower. But never fear! It always falls out on its own by the time your hair dries.

There are other mixtures that you can try if you prefer different ingredients. You can find them here.

Although I have not tried any other mixtures, judging from the effect of this one I think these alternatives would work just as well. You can mix and match as you please!


Make sure to comment if this works for you!

Happy no-pooing!