Starting w/ No Poo

I can’t stop touching my hair. It’s like I’m waiting for it to magically change or do something dramatic. It’s only been about 36 hours since my last shampoo. Today I just used water and massaged my scalp, then added a little bit of dry shampoo when it dried. Does dry shampoo count as shampoo? Obviously more research is needed. I also added some It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner because the ends seemed so desperately frizzy and dry. I’m going to try to scritch and preen it later to see if I can get some oil to the ends. I want so badly to put a thick mask on my hair, but I’m trying to cut out as much product as possible from my hair routine.

About me: 22 y/o female, USA, hair down to collar bones, color treated and half permed (got it permed a year and a half ago so it’s growing out), thin hair shafts but a lot of hair so it seems thicker than it is, generally gets a little greasy after about 48 hours.