No Poo Beginner trial and many errors!

So here I am 10 days in with very little progress. After seeing no poo on pinterest I instantly fell in love with the idea of diving into this new (to me) method of hair care. After reading tons of blogs and spending half my paycheck on various ingredients, I was ready to take the leap into the no poo world!

So far I’ve tried these mixes:

  • Pure aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E oil
  • Coconut milk, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E oil
  • Coconut milk, aloe vera gel, cinnamon, and vitamom E oil

I will explain the first mix in a moment but let me start off by explaining how the second and third mix went horribly wrong. ๐Ÿ™ The coconut milk I used contained guar gum. It was a very sticky nasty hair disaster. And all my hard work of mixing and freezeing melted down the drain….literally. ๐Ÿ™

Now about my first mix, it seems promising! After washing with this mix my hair feels kind of clean. I amย still up in the air on whether it actually does work for me or not because I am still in this dreaded greasy transition stage. But over all when I use it I do see a slight change. Just not enough to satisfy me!

Since my essential oils came in a few days ago, I have been adding different ones in. Not sure if they do anything yet but the smell is amazing and there are so many people that say they work wonders. And just like no poo, I’m mainly going on faith!!!

I want to try clay and herbal mixes too but I am having trouble giving this my all when I’m still not seeing a whole lot of change. And I think my fiance would not be too happy with me continueing to purchase ingredient after ingredient for my hair!! ๐Ÿ˜› I am in desperate need of some no poo encouragement. A time machine would be wonderful also to get through this transition period! But some kind words from a no pooer with some good experience would be wonderful right about now.