Want to try but have some ???

I am v interested in trying the no poo method. I have tried natural shampoos and even stretching it out between shampoos but I have two main questions:

1) I have crazy frizzy curly hair and I never seem to be able to get my curls detangled without conventional conditioner. I also apparently shove my head into my pillow at night, creating a giant rats nest for the morning. Has anyone had experience with curls being perfect with only water or using the apple cider vinegar?

2) I am currently 10 weeks preggo. This is part of what has spawned me to take another look at the chemicals I’m putting in and on my body. I know everything goes a little crazy during pregnancy so can anyone advise whether now would be a good time to be delving I to a new practice like this or is it going to make my hair a little crazy?

thanks for any help and advice and or anecdotes!!