Hi everyone, I’ve been washing my hair with only water for about 3/4 months now, and I like it : ). My hair isn’t as greasy as it was before. […]

First off, I’m no girly girl. Never been into doing hair, nails and make-up. I hate hairspray, and don’t use heat on my hair. I am not very talented at […]

So last night I washed with baking soda and apple cider vinegar to get any crud out of my hair. I was amazed this morning how soft and great my […]

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I’ve long had problems with dry frizzy hair and breakage, but attributed ALL of it to blow drying and curling irons.  I never suspected shampooing until my hairdresser told me to […]

Its almost a month i’m into this no poo thing, and i guess i’m still transitioning. Lets explain this: before going no poo, my scalp was always itchy, and sometimes […]