My hair is true to the title; insanely curly, frizzy, and crazy. I have tried everything to tame it- every kind of leave in conditioner out there, hair masks, the […]

I have a natural clenser for hair. In india my family uses same quantity of amla , reetha and shikakai powder/dried form. Put this mixture in 3 cups of water […]

Hi, I’m Caroline and I went cold turkey with no shampoo almost a month ago. I’ve been reading various blogs and read that I should have “clarified” before I started, […]

Our geyser burst 5 days ago, So after brainfreeze twice, washing my hair in cold water, I realized that it is dumb washing my hair daily, so no pooh here […]

I have thick, wavy hair. I use a lot of shampoo & even more conditioner. I don’t wash my hair but every three days because it’s so expensive! Not to […]

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