I have now been washing my hair without shampoo for more than 6 months. And I have only today found out about no poo method. I must mention I have […]

So as today is my one week anniversary of the no-poo method I’m scared to say that not washing my hair is becoming increasingly difficult. I used to wash my […]

Just started on Tuesday. I see a definite difference in my hair. Gave up Hair Gel, leave in conditioners. Even though my hair is a little greasy I like the […]

So first my name is Marina and I’m 22. I have a lot of alergies and I have a mile long list of shampoos I can’t use. I have really […]

So here I am on day eight of no poo. After years of trying to find a shampoo that didnt irritate my scalp into oblivion I have finally given up […]

I’ve been no poo now since October and I am still struggling to be honest. I went through the horrible stage, came out the other end and it was not […]