Hello everyone, I’m a working mom with two beautiful kid. My husband always like my hair to be long and beautiful, but the problem is I’m not gifted and blessed […]

Been 3 weeks since I went “no poo”.  I haven’t noticed my hair being particularly oily but I did notice some dryness in the second week.  The only products I have […]

Has anyone ever tried the shampoos made from soap nuts.  It’s expensive but it’s all natural.  A company call Naturoli makes one and markets it through Amazon.com.  I would like […]

About 3 months ago, I started losing my hair.  I’m over 60 so that shouldn’t be a big surprise, but it wasn’t just thinning, it was coming out in clumps.  […]

After starting no shampoo two weeks ago, I must admit, not everything has been fantastic! I added coconut oil to my routine to help combat the frizzy dryness (still haven’t […]

Huzzah! 5 days after I decided to try it, I’ve just done my third wash. The results are noticeable straight away, especially when, after work on Sunday, my hair didn’t […]