Just started No Poo. This is 2nd time today. Feel quite good except the vinegar smell. 1st time tried with ACV feel good. 2 days later tried 2nd time with […]

Hello! I am new to no ‘poo. Around four months ago I decided to stop getting my hair coloured. My hair is extremely damaged because of all the chemicals it’s […]

So I have decided to try the no poo method…… My name is Sarah and I’m a mother of three beautiful girls. Over the years I have become interested in […]

Hey y’all 😀 Okay so today I really had to do something about my hair! -.- I was smart yesterday and used coconut oil on my entire head… but.. It’s […]

I am a Registered Nurse and I started having health issues. Medications were not helping so I decided to see what herbs could do. I started feeling better. I decided […]

Before I started this no-poo thing, I would usually only wash my hair every other day or at most would skip two days between shampooing. But as the summer has […]