1 longgggg haired girl, some olive oil and 3 weeks off work.

My hair has always sort-of been my pride. I am short and kinda chubby, so the long wavy bronze hair gives me the elegance I want. I definitely don’t have hair I would wish upon anyone, because it is very unpredictable and breaks and tangles super easy. I have never been a hair-drying  or excess product person, and never used anything much more than shampoo and conditioner. So it’s just brittle by nature. Here’s to hoping no-poo will help with this.

Anyhow, today I am jumping in head first, and because I have only 3 weeks to stay out of sight, I decided to give my hair a jump-start by oiling it up thoroughly with olive oil. Don’t know if this will make any difference, but my hypothesis is that the scalp will realize that excess oil production is unnecessary, faster than it would have if I just let it get oily within the first few weeks.

I still plan to wash with water daily , but knowing my hair, it’ll get super oily anyways, so I might as well try to give it a head start.

My husband has been off poo for 2 weeks, and I am surprised at how his head never, ever smells even a bit ‘off’. But his hair is straight and verrry short.

Any remarks for long hair, or similar experiments?