54 yo male, very fine hair, it has been two months, no going back

I have not used shampoo for two months and my hair has never looked better.  At first, I went about 5 days before washing with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar and lengthened times as I went along.  Now I am at two weeks.

All results have been great.  So much more body.  I used to have minimal dandruff, using a dandruff shampoo once a week.  No dandruff.  My hair always stays in place.  The other day I drove with all the windows open and my hair was all windblown.  Once parked, I ran my fingers through it a couple times and it was in place.  Never feels greasy.  It sometimes feels like when I used product like mousse or gel and that is fine.  Daily, in the shower, I just scrub my scalp with my fingers under the spray.  I told my barber, and she was amazed.  I absolutely love my hair and there is no way I will ever use shampoo again.  I encourage everyone to try this, especially people with fine (like corn silk) hair.  I have never had such body in my hair.  If it starts to feel nasty, do the baking soda wash and just lengthen the time between washings.  If you give it a chance, especially fine haired individuals, you will love it.

Just do it!