About a week in | Not feeling good

Hey everyone!

I’m Meera and I’m 23. I decided to give no-poo a try around a week ago. And since then I have been washing my hair every 2 days with water only. My hair is getting really oily. I have fine little curly hair. I have been suffering from hairfall so thought of giving no-poo a try. You know just to get rid of all the chemicals on my head.

Now I have had really bad experiences since I started doing no-poo. I mean after wash my hair gets tangled..trust me it’s a mess. I don’t loose as much hair as I used to while shampooing but yeah I loose a lot while combing. And my hair gets oilier the next day. Like I washed my hair yesterday and got a comment from colleague it I’ve put oil in my hair.

My ends have gotten a little rough…but I think they still have a lot of moisture when compared to the shampooed days.

So is it just me who is facing these problems or everyone feels this way?