About a Week In

Before I started this no-poo thing, I would usually only wash my hair every other day or at most would skip two days between shampooing. But as the summer has gone on (it’s late June now) I’ve noticed that my hair looks oily more frequently, even hours after having washed my hair. And my hair was feeling more brittle than it ever had (I don’t color or treat my hair in any way, I don’t straighten or curl it, I don’t use hair spray or mousse). So with no unhealthy hair habits, I took this as a sign that my hair is just tired of the shampooing routine. I’m now on a week of using only water and the main difference that I can tell, aside from the obvious oiliness, is that it’s easier to run my fingers through my hair and it feels a lot fuller than it has in a long time. There’s more body to it and my natural curl is bouncier than it’s been in a while too.

So far I really like how my hair is reacting to just water. I am trying to be sneaky about it, though, and have been telling people that a leave-in conditioner is the reason for the overly greasy look. I don’t think I’ll do the baking soda/apple cider vinegar routine, at least not yet.