About 3 months ago, I started losing my hair.  I’m over 60 so that shouldn’t be a big surprise, but it wasn’t just thinning, it was coming out in clumps.  I found out it was alopecia areta.   I have always been proud of the fact that at 60+ my hair was pretty much the original color and in pretty good shape.   While researching the problem, I came across an article on “no poo”.  I have decide to give this a try because one of the comments I found said that someone’s friend was losing his hair at 23 and after going “no poo”, the hair loss stopped.  I’m only on day 3 and actually the loss seems to have slowed.  I don’t find as much hair in the shower drain.  Hope this isn’t because I don’t have as much to lose.  According to what I have read, alopecia often goes away after awhile and the hair generally  grows back but I thought that if this helps to make the hair healthier, why not try.