Issues with Coconut oil!

After starting no shampoo two weeks ago, I must admit, not everything has been fantastic!

I added coconut oil to my routine to help combat the frizzy dryness (still haven’t made an appointment for that haircut) I found my hair going greasy, turns out, I’d been using too much and putting it too close to my roots! I have a major hair catastrophe on Saturday morning, I’d washed my hair on Thursday night and put coconut oil in, by Friday lunch is was very greasy, so on Saturday morning, I gave it a just water rinse. 

I left it to dry naturally and started doing my make up for a Friend’s birthday that night and once done with my make up, took a hair dryer to my hair… The top three inches were greasy and it was disgusting. Not having the time to spare to wash again and redo my make up, I dashed to Asda and grabbed an emergency can of dry shampoo. (Saturday afternoon shoppers were looking at me funny)

Fortunately, I have learnt from one not so good mistake and use tiny amount of coconut oil once a week in the lengths of my hair and it’s look great! It’s also easier to straighten, since with Shampoo I used to get random fluffly fly away bits and all sorts!

On the Bright side, It’s looking good and I really do find it as easy as using my shampoo 🙂