Kelly’s No Poo Journey

Hi My hair is thin and I have lots of it, so it normally looks thick. I normally wash it twice a week with shampoo and conditioner. My scalp is incredibly dry and I have some dandruff which gets worse as time progresses between washes. So I have decided to try the no poo method with just water only to see how it goes. I also don’t use soap as I have dry skin, and I am also trying to increase my water intake.

I already have inflicted this on my two girls who are 3 and 10months and their hair looks the same two weeks in.

Last time I washed my hair was friday 5/9/14. I was due to wash it last night (9/9/14) so I washed with just water, my first missed shampoo. Hair is feeling a little bit tacky, a little bit dry at the ends, but it doesn’t look greasy, and if my hair normally felt like this, then I would wash it that evening, so I am just wondering whether to wash it again tonight or to leave it for another day…

So I refrained from washing it on Wednesday night and on Thursday although my hair looked fine, it felt horrible. It was like I had wax in the first 3 inches. So I wore my hair in a ponytail all day and did some research and made a decision to use some apple cider vinegar (ACV) to try to get out any products left in there and not any baking soda as my scalp and hair is normally quite dry.

I have also found out I have low porosity hair which is very dense and I also have hard water. I have bought a shower filter and a boar bristle brush (BBB) which are very good.

So Thursday night I mixed up some ACV (2 table spoon to 6 tablespoons of water) and a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil (TTO into a spray bottle. I sprayed half of it on my hair then got in the shower. I left it in for a few minutes first, then I poured the rest of the mixture on and did some scritching and massaging then washed it out.

My hair felt very heavy after the shower so I just air dried it and used my BBB and preened. After preening, my fingers did feel quite oily. It squeaked when I ran my fingers down it, but didn’t feel 100% grease/wax free, particularly the top/back of my parting, but the brushing helped.

I use my boar bristle brush everyday.

Today my hair does look OK, but does feel different. It hasn’t got that silkiness to it, but it feels great one week after my last shampoo.

14/9/14, Hair felt a bit greasy, was going to leave it, but it’s getting a tad smelly. I did another ACV and TTO wash tonight. I let it air dry. Felt great, no waxiness.

17/9/14. Getting really conscious of the smell at my roots, my ends are fine though. Doing some research today as to what I can do.  Hair is looking a bit drab and greasy at the roots.

18/9/14 put up hair and washed it in the evening with acv & tto because of the smell and hair feeling greasy.

21/9/14 washed with just water. When drying my hair it feels sticky and straw-like, but it is fine by the morning after lots of brushing.

23/9/14 water only wash.

25/9/14 water only wash.

27/9/14 not really needed, but water only wash anyway whilst in the shower. My girls have been water only for about 1 month now, and their hair is great, it doesn’t look any different. Doesn’t seem to have had any transition at all and my husband admitted last night that he hadn’t shampooed for ages either. Looks like I am the only one with problems whilst transitioning, 3 weeks its been now, but I am not regretting it yet, but it is much harder work! No longer smelling the smell, so it must have been part of the transition.

30/9/14 Water Only Wash.

3/10/14 Water Only Wash. Air dried, but hair felt wrong, felt very tacky. Brushing helped, but didn’t feel right.

5/10/14 Water only. Quick wash over the sink, blow dried and straightened. Since this wash my hair has been great its now the 10th and I haven’t washed it yet. Yesterday evening it started to feel slightly greasy, so I put some dry poo (50/50 cocoa powder and cornflour) on my roots with a makeup brush which has done this trick. I will do it again tonight and prob wear my hair up tomorrow and wash tomorrow night which will be a whole week without washing. YAY, I think the transition is nearly over 🙂

10/10/14 Used a bit of dry poo and brushed through last night, this morning my hair was not greasy at all.

11/10/14 Water only wash.

14/10/14 dry poo

17/10/14 Dry poo’d last night, hair doesn’t look greasy, but it doesn’t feel too nice, so will wash tonight which will be 6 days between washes. My trouble spots are at the top and back of my head the boar bristle brush is very good and spreading the oil down the shaft. My hair is becoming less static which is really pleasing, because this is a major bugbear of mine in the winter. Its quite funny, I wash may brush more than I wash my hair LOL!