Healthiest Hair Ever

I just had to write and thank the person or people who started this site, I am relatively new to Poo free Hair washing with only 2 months under my belt but after 57yrs of really bad Hair drop, split ends, dry scalp from dermatitis, with oily hair meant having to wash every 2 days

Until I tried this method.

I now have full soft glossy hair with NO dermatitis or flaky scalp, much less Hair drop and now due to a lot less knotting both during the washing process and when dry I believe the split ends will decrease. I also think the growth rate may have increased slightly.

One of the best benefits of this method is my hair looks Great Every day Not just Wash day, previously my hair was rather lifeless any day but wash day. I now go 3 days between washes.

I have Men in their 60s asking what I’m doing as my hair is looking great, and has grown really long. These men don’t normally notice anything unless it’s cleavage or a full beer, so I can only assume it looks as good as it feels.

I’m Thrilled & my hair just keeps looking & feeling better the longer I go without my Organic Natural Commercial Shampoo’s & Conditioner. I’m never going back & am putting the money I’m saving aside for a nice treat for myself.

Again Thank You Shelly Taylor