So I decided to give it a go…

I’ve been a slave to the ‘wash-your-hair-daily’ routine since I was a child. My Mum always insisted on me washing it daily and now, at nearly 23 years old and working as a chef, I have some serious greasy hair issues.

I ummed and ahhed over the choice when last week, an article appeared in my news feed about ditching shampoo. My friends and family were unimpressed when I said I might try it and they tried to discourage me. This morning however, I was laid in bed and my Boyfriend had gotten up and left for work, so I pottered into the bathroom and began to run a bath.

Without over thinking, I made a baking soda mix and took into the bathroom and used it. My scalp felt tingly and very clean after I rinsed! Admittedly, now it’s dry, I can tell I’m missing the moisture from conditioner, but I was able to brush my hair with ease and I’m already please with the result from a first wash! 

Advice to anyone starting out though, maybe have an alternative to conditioner at hand as well? I plan on getting my hands on some coconut oil! 🙂

In short, my hair is soft, though slightly dry (I am overdue a hair cut) and I really am hoping that this may be the break in my horrific shampoo routine to help restore my tresses! The naturalist in me is having a little party.