Almost 23 y/o chef. I’m Pagan and anything natural really make me happy! I love reading and writing, baking and playing video games! I’m English with a typical Scandinavian complexion, blonde hair (Ruined from dye, hair-straighteners and rigorous washing) which I am aiming to get back to it’s healthy blonde self over the next year or so 🙂

After starting no shampoo two weeks ago, I must admit, not everything has been fantastic! I added coconut oil to my routine to help combat the frizzy dryness (still haven’t […]

Huzzah! 5 days after I decided to try it, I’ve just done my third wash. The results are noticeable straight away, especially when, after work on Sunday, my hair didn’t […]

I’ve been a slave to the ‘wash-your-hair-daily’ routine since I was a child. My Mum always insisted on me washing it daily and now, at nearly 23 years old and […]