1 week in

Well, as a student I definitely appreciated the idea of saving money. I also find shopping for shampoo rather depressing, i just want something that keeps my hair clean… not anti-this shampoo, or promotes-that shampoo.
So i decided to go ‘cold turkey’ having previously washed my hair with shampoo daily. Having quite thick hair means it get greasy quick. By day 3 i was miserable, very miserable, it felt disgusting, and looked bad.
On about day 4 it improved… Not to the level of cleanliness it was before, and it has since stayed about that level, ie slightly worse than when i started but not so bad that i am scared to go outside.
I am reading plenty of people advocating baking soda, and thinking of trying it but there seems to be a lot of people saying it is just as bad as shampoo because of the alkali level. Does anyone have any advice? Should i try using it, or just continue and hope my hair adjusts further? If this is as good as it’s going to get I will have to return to shampoo.