I was interviewed on Radio Gloucestershire – nopoo for 25 years

Just wanted to let people know that I must have saved myself from 25 years of dandruff,
(it stopped about a month after I gave up using shampoo)
– have had absolutely no problems, 25 years with soft, clean trouble free hair
( I am a shorter haired fella, so the transition was easier for me than many),
and I have saved on drains clogged with hair and conditioner, plus time and money wasted – approximately £6,000 and counting.

The detergent & water bottled with colouring & scent industry spends a fortune making sure their misinformation is all over the web and they are like dealers selling junkies stronger dope each year, “new and improved”.

Don’t fall for it.

published this 3 years ago – that’s what got me on the Anna King show…  http://www.smileofthedecade.co.uk/newblog/?p=930