4th week- rye flour


I’m in the fourth week now and I am feeling so so so happy!

I had to use shampoo ones because I used coconut oil again only this time it wouldn’t wash out with acv for some reason and my hair got really sticky and greasy and gross so I used a very mild nature based shampoo on the ends and parts of my head to get rid of the oil.

The difference from not using shampoo to this was striking. Although it was a shampoo with natural ingredients only it immediately made my hair fuzzy and electric.

Before though:

I discovered something new! Rye flour. I love love love love it so so so much honestly! It’s better than baking soda or anything else I’ve tried out so far.

To create rye flour shampoo I just put two to three spoons of flour into a bowl, add some water until it feels like shampoo and then I go wash my hair with it. I just massage into my hair and then rinse it thoroughly. I added drops of lavander oil because I don’t like the scent of bread emanating from my head, but everyone has to decide for themselves.

It makes my hair really fluffy and soft, I can do to them whatever I want 🙂 I really really like it. I try not to use it more often than once a week because I don’t want to waste that much flour on my hair washing. The rest of time I just rinse my hair clean with water.

If you want to try out the flour thing for yourself, please note that it HAS to be rye okay? Because every other type would stick in your hair and be very very hard to wash out, trust me, I tried… -.-

But rye really does work 🙂 whole weat is even better 🙂 try!

love and stay positive,