One week dry hair

I am new to no ‘poo. Around four months ago I decided to stop getting my hair coloured. My hair is extremely damaged because of all the chemicals it’s been exposed to (especially bleach). I’ve been dyeing it to platinum blonde then to ash blonde since around two years now. But other than that I have been using dye on my hair for 16 years now. I have been getting it bleached approximately every three weeks. So, I stopped getting my hair dyed, and last week I stopped using shampoos. I threw all my shampoos away. My roots have grown around 4 or 5 cm. Today I used baking soda and ACV for the first time on my hair. My roots which have no dye on them are extremely soft. It is like I can’t stop touching them, however my dyed blonde hair is extremely dry. I put some coconut oil and argan oil on it. Still dry. I don’t know what to do. If anybody has an idea as to how I can manage to make my damaged and dyed hair soft without putting on any chemicals on it I would very much appreciate the advice. Thank you!