And so it begins..

As I sit alone in my apartment, while my boyfriend is hard at work I realize.. I stink.  I’ve been unemployed for just a couple months since I graduated with my BA in Spanish, Psychology, and a minor in Biology.  This might be impressive if I knew what I was going to do with it all, but alas, I just take it step by step and right now the step is: be a hobo.  But along with that present role, comes the realization that I have fewer reasons to bathe, less reasons to even think about it.  So, as I sit alone in my apartment, I decided that today is the day to eliminate shampoo from my life.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I have very thick, course, and weird curly hair and I have been trying, fruitlessly, to grow it out for my entire life, literally.  I know some people think they need shampoo.. my best friend tried this method and didn’t quite think it was for her.  But she has thin and straight hair, very different from mine, and I do believe this is what my hair wants.  I think the oils will balance out and then I will have healthier, happier hair than ever before, and I will save hundreds of dollars on hair products over my lifetime – win win!  So today I bathed, inspired to crack down on my job hunt and to finally make this adjustment before I am thrown into a work environment where I have to be within smelling distance of other humans.

So I soaked in the tub for a while, then did my baking soda mixture – about a tablespoon and a half of arm n hammer mixed with like a cup of water – this made my hair feel really odd, I’m not sure how exactly to describe it.. stripped?  It definitely didn’t feel oily, but it also felt like I wasn’t getting the mixture into all of it, nothing like a good lather.  :/  This might just be because I didn’t make enough, next time I will have to try more.. Then I did the apple cider vinegar, which I love the smell of!  This also felt odd, nothing like familiar conditioner.. I tried to get this into all of my hair too, but I read somewhere I might only need it on the bottom half of my hair?  I really feel like I don’t know what I’m doing but as I sit here typing my hair is drying and it feels good!  Soft!

I’ve just now combed through it with my normal wide tooth comb, not as easy as when I usually do it while lathered with conditioner, but I made it through.  Definitely not quite like it normally is but it feels better than I imagined right off the bat. I presume the fact that I wasn’t a daily washer to start will help me.. and I have a brand new round boar bristle brush for when it’s dry but I’m not sure if that will help or if my hair even has to be dry.. lol if anyone has any advice, please feel free to dole it out!  For now I will just have to see what the next days/weeks have to hold!

XOXO – Starfish