Hey y’all 😀 Okay so today I really had to do something about my hair! -.- I was smart yesterday and used coconut oil on my entire head… but.. It’s […]

So I have entered into week 2 of no shampoo. I just use water on the roots, and conditioner on the ends. (I bleach my hair and it’s very damaged.) […]

As I sit alone in my apartment, while my boyfriend is hard at work I realize.. I stink.  I’ve been unemployed for just a couple months since I graduated with […]

Hello, Last week I read about nopoo and was excited to give it a try. I already didn’t used conditioner for more than 2 years, and didn’t really noticed any […]

So as today is my one week anniversary of the no-poo method I’m scared to say that not washing my hair is becoming increasingly difficult. I used to wash my […]

First day no shampoo!! Took a nice hot bath with Elijah this morning, brushed it through with water and gently towel dried it. Elijah is also involuntary participating seeing as […]

I’ve been no poo now since October and I am still struggling to be honest. I went through the horrible stage, came out the other end and it was not […]

Been 3 weeks since I went “no poo”.  I haven’t noticed my hair being particularly oily but I did notice some dryness in the second week.  The only products I have […]

Help! I am 3 weeks in and I don’t know what to do! I have VERY thick, curly hair that is often dry on the ends and oily at the […]