Miss Curly, Frizzy, Crazy Hair!

My hair is true to the title; insanely curly, frizzy, and crazy. I have tried everything to tame it- every kind of leave in conditioner out there, hair masks, the most expensive conditioners and shampoos, gels, oils, etc. Nothing worked. Then, I just, stopped washing my hair. I made a vow that i’d only wash it twice a week; once on wednesdays, and once on sundays, still using my regular, expensive shampoos and conditioners. But by then, my hair was only greasy and frail. Then, I heard about the no-poo method from one of my friends, and I immediately went out to the store and bought baking soda and organic vinegar. I saw results, INSTANTLY. now, i know that thats not always guaranteed- instant results. Lots of people trying have a transition period, but i instantly saw results, and i have been absolutely hooked ever since. My hair is so voluminous, and beautiful, and I actually feel comfortable wearing it natural, because it looks GREAT! I strongly encourage this method, because it works!