Don’t start over!!!

Don’t start over!!!

I didn’t use a clarifying shampoo before I started and I have fairly thick hair. My hair went through the ugly oil feeling crummy looking phase as well. I used cornstarch and a “fan brush” that you buy for make-up and used that on my scalp to absorb the oil. Then I’d brush it off.

Every time I rinsed my hair with a Baking Soda solution in the late afternoon, after my hair is dry, it looked really oily still. So I’d put in the cornstarch and gently use the brush to put cornstarch on my scalp. Then I’d brush my hair. By morning, I repeat the process and my hair would look “presentable” and “bouncy”……even after 1 week of No Poo.

I suggest using a Baking Soda/Water Solution first and see how that goes.

I used a large sized “Dawn Dishwashing Liquid” container…..cleaned it out really well. I even removed the labels etc. I added 4 TBSP of Baking Soda using a paper funnel then added water.

Then use this to squeeze the solution into your scalp and massage really well. Leave it on for about 5 minutes then rinse.

I washed my hair every 3 days with this solution.

It took my hair 5 weeks to adjust and now my hair is awesome!!!! Really shiny, bouncy, full of volume even though my hair is normally fine and each strand is thin……but I just have a lot of it.

Hope this helps!