New Pillow helped me not give up!

Hello, I’m new to this board.  I’ve been following it, and everyone’s experience is really what inspired me to give it a try.  So I started the No Poo method 5 weeks ago.  I am not quite as aggressive as a lot of other people are, I started out with my old routine of every day washing but just changed from regular shampoo and conditioner to baking soda and vinegar.  I would give my hair a break from washing on weekends if I could, even if it was only one day.  After a few weeks I thought I would try to brave a day at work without washing my hair.  I felt disgusting, but kept pushing through for a week and a half of every other day.  towards the end of the 2nd week I woke up and the front of my hair was nice, but the back was still greasy, I could figure it out.  Then I realized it was from sleeping on it, there was no air circulation (I sleep on my back and don’t move at all).  I decided to try the Sobakawa pillow because it says it allows air flow to keep head cool.   I’ve slept on the pillow 4 nights, both mornings I woke up on my no washing day, my hair was not greasy at all.  I felt so confident finally at work, I even told people I hadn’t washed my hair.  I know it will probably take a long time to gt up to 3 days without washing, but I was ready to give up, so this is that extra boost I needed to get past this hump.  I don’t want to come off as I’m pushing a product, I just wanted to help someone as you all have helped me.