new to this and feeling insecure


I have NO clue at all what all of a sudden made me decide on not using shampoo anymore!

I decided yesterday or maybe two days ago and I also decided not to use make up anymore which surprised me even more but okay I’m gonna do it 😀

The last time I used shampoo was last monday. I used to wash my hair every second day, using shampoo, conditioner and heat protection. But my hair started getting greasy way too fast so I reduced my use of shampoo to twice a week and try to get through the “bad hair days” by using only water.

But now it kinda occured to me “hey, why not try and use only water? Must be super healthy!”.

So I reserched and found out that there is actually a METHOD for this 😀

All the reviews I’ve read so far have kind of inspired me and made it real interesting and I’m curious how my hair (and my boyfriend :P) will take it!

I’ll probably be reading your posts more than writing myself because I’m a lazy person but I’m excited and if something thrilling/interesting/surprising/alarming happens, I’ll let you know 🙂

I’m glad I can share this with someone because despite the pros to this idea, it makes me feel slightly self-concious because I detest greasy hair and they’re bound to be bad the first weeks.. 🙁

love and excitement,