ACV is brilliant!

Hey y’all 😀

Okay so today I really had to do something about my hair! -.- I was smart yesterday and used coconut oil on my entire head… but.. It’s oil so.. I looked great.

So to get rid of it I mixed an ACV-honey-rinse that got rid of the coconut oil, the sebum (which looked gross) and made my hair feel really soft and fluffy. On the downside the smell really isn’t thaaat awesome but all the same, I’m feeling happy and fresh without shampoo 🙂 I’m only one week into this so that might change but so far it’s been great and only doing it already feels healthy even though it certainly hasn’t made that much of a difference so far. Now I’m going to continue trying to use water only, on really bad days I will be using some hommade AVC rinse tho.

Looking forward to this!

And I’d also like to give you some advice if you’re feeling desperate because of greasy hair or if something just doesn’t work out:

  • You can always braid your hair (if they’re long) and that will make most of the sebum unnoticable
  • You can wear hairbands
  • There is this 100-brush-strokes philosophy: 25 times from back to front (head down), 25 times each side from hairline to tips and 25 times from front to back (head up). This will dispense the sebum all over your head and therefore it won’t be as noticable on your hairline. Works best with a natural bristle brush.
  • When you use only water, you’ll want to rinse the hair thoroughly and with only warm, not too hot water, maybe even massage your head for a couple of minutes
  • You can use baby powder as a dry shampoo; it absorbs most of the sebum

These experiences I’ve made before because I often had to deal with greasy hair because we went on vacation and forgot to take shampoo with us and things like that 😀 So I kinda tried many of those things out before and they worked really well for me.

Maybe they’ll help you, too!