First day no shampoo!! Took a nice hot bath with Elijah this morning, brushed it through with water and gently towel dried it. Elijah is also involuntary participating seeing as […]

So here I am on day eight of no poo. After years of trying to find a shampoo that didnt irritate my scalp into oblivion I have finally given up […]

I’ve been no poo now since October and I am still struggling to be honest. I went through the horrible stage, came out the other end and it was not […]

One Week & a Day of No Poo!

It’s been a week and a day today that I’ve been shampoo and conditioner free! I’m so excited and happy with my hair. It looks great! I know the greasy […]

Today is day 11 of no poo!  I prepared by going “low poo” for about a month before I switched completely, which definitely seemed to help.  My hair got noticeably […]

So, I’ll give it a go. Starting this Weekend (slowly… first washing with shampoo every second day, then every third… and so on). Some Background Information: When I was about […]

Hello everyone, I’m a working mom with two beautiful kid. My husband always like my hair to be long and beautiful, but the problem is I’m not gifted and blessed […]

Been 3 weeks since I went “no poo”.  I haven’t noticed my hair being particularly oily but I did notice some dryness in the second week.  The only products I have […]

Has anyone ever tried the shampoos made from soap nuts.  It’s expensive but it’s all natural.  A company call Naturoli makes one and markets it through  I would like […]