Week 2 of no shampoo

So I have entered into week 2 of no shampoo. I just use water on the roots, and conditioner on the ends. (I bleach my hair and it’s very damaged.) I am not sure if the crazy thick black hairs I seem to have sprouted randomly are because of my dye habits but I am going to keep an eye on them and see if they calm down. So far nothing but it’s only week two! I don’t hair dry my hair anymore and I rarely straighten it. My hair as of right now while mid dry feels VERY thick and greasy and gross which I’m hoping will stop soon. After its dry I put a small amount of coconut oil and/argon oil (depending on how my ends want to be) I shower every three days now to give my hair a break between washing. But I’ve noticed definitely my hair is feeling MUCH healthier. Here’s to hoping for improvements!!