First timer

Quick summary of me: I’m a stay at home first time mother of a beautiful baby girl, my hair is currently past my shoulders “straight” fine and thin last dyed in august 2015 so my roots are fairly noticeable.
I first decided to stop using shampoo last week, which only lasted a day or two only because i was going to an event with my husband in which i didnt want to look gross. So far ive been shampoo free for 3 days straight, although i use some conditioner for the ends of my hair, it becomes a tangled knotted mess if i dont. Im a young adult so i can get away with having my hair in braids, which is the only way i feel comfortable going out in public without really washing my hair. Ive done some research on this topic but i still have questions that im either too lazy to google or am unable to find the straight forward answers im looking for, so hopefully i can get a little help here.
1.) does anyone else here have the same type of hair i do? Im talking about thin fine hair that seems to get oily pretty quick. If so, how is this process working for you, and how long until your hair started to feel “pretty” again?
2.) co-washing. Ive looked into co-washing (using a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo) but i don’t know which kind to use or if any of them have about the same kind of benefits in the long run as just washing with water. Also it seems like products that use the term “co-washing” seem to be more for ethinic hair (which is no where near my hair type) and i was wondering if that observation is accurate or if anyone can get away with usng any co-washing product.
3.) I’m currently just using water to wash my hair, should i be using the baking soda and vinegar for better results or should i just stick it out with just water?
Sorry for the long entry, im just curious and excited to see what will happen.